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Article: The hair mask, an essential to your kit!

Le masque capillaire, un essentiel à votre trousse! - Concept C. Shop

The hair mask, an essential to your kit!

Whether moisturizing, repairing, smoothing or brings shine, the mask (or treatment) is essential of your basic hair kit.


How often should you use your mask?

It can depend on your hair type, but especially on your washing frequency per week. Personally I wash my hair at 5 to 7 days, I then always use a mask ... I no longer have a revitalizing. In general, once a week is a good frequency!


How long should I let the mask act in my hair?

Follow the instructions. Some masks apply more expeditiously (2 minutes), but in general we are talking about a 5 to 10 minutes. It is not necessary to Leave your mask longer than the indications, your hair will not be more hydrated or repaired! Sometimes, too much is not enough and it can harm your hair (especially a restorative mask). An overdose hair can have a bland look and without volume.

You can also try the twist Hydrating mask on dry or humid hair-ish. I often do it before going to run in the morning! Directly on dry hair or I humidify slightly, you apply your moisturizing mask from mid-length to the tips. Sometimes I even add a few pumps of absolute petrol oil from Shu Uemura. You can then leave a few hours without problems. Some apply it even before going to bed. Thereafter, you do your usual routine in the shower. Know that this trick is valid only for moisturizing masks.


How should I apply my mask?

All depending on the thickness and the length of hair, the quantity can vary. The "standard" being approximately the size of a 25 cents. It can be more, it can be less, but we generally do not exceed the size of the $ 2 room. Professional products are concentrated and a small amount is enough to make thework. Masks are avoided to the root (except a mask like the Rain to see which has detoxifying virtues), we rather recommend half-length to the tips. You can use a wide tooth comb to untangle the hair in the shower which will also distribute the product. In addition, it is preferable to wring the hair before applying the treatment to improve contact with your hair and prevent the product from being too diluted. The time is left to act on the bottle and rinse abundantly.


Should I apply my revitalizing after the mask?

Opinions will vary on this subject. For having followed some training on different ranges, the majority of the ranges do not require a post mask revitalizing. In rare cases, you will need to apply a revitalizing pea. It is often registered in the product description, otherwise do not hesitate to inform you!


What type of mask should I get?

Repairer/ reconstructive : Damaged hair chemically and mechanically. Blondes, discolored hair, those that abuse heated tools.

Repairers mask


Hydrating / nourishing: Dry hair ... but it's a bit of a matter of going! The majority of people need hydration during the cold winter months or sun exposure and swimming chlorinated Summer.



Smoothing: Rebels and unruly curly/curly hair.



Color : will make your hair brighter and shiny. For whom ... Bahhhh the one who colors the hair, but never uses heated or alternating devices with another mask.

Four masks to try!


K18 - Molecular repair mask

Our new one in 2022, the K18 molecular repair mask is simply revolutionary. Not only does he repair, but above all he reconstructs the fiber of the hair. It is not a mask that you will do year -round, but to give a little blow and make it sporadically during the year, you will capped!


K18. Mask without rinsing with molecular repair - 50 ml


Shu Uemura - Moisturizing Mask Urban Moisture

If you are a little on social networks, you know how much we love Shu Uemura, but more particularly their mask. Do you want the hydration cream? You will not find better!


Shu Uemura. Hydro -Nourrier Mask Urban Moisture - 200 ml


L'Oréal Professional- Smoothing Mask Liss Unlimited

He wants to be the least expensive, but it remains difficult to beat. In Boutte of your lioness mane? He will come to tame it by smoothing it, will offer an anti-fryotis / anti-humidity barrier, it improves hydration while providing control!

L'Oréal Série Expert. Smoothing Mask Liss Unlimited - 500 ml


Kerastase - chroma gloss acid treatment

All hot new, this high shine treatment will preserve the intensity of your color, will reduce frizz and reduce the porosity of your hair. It applies it as regular treatment in the shower after your shampoo. You could not have that this treatment in order to maintain your hair in hydration / repair, but it goes extremely well with the rest of your routine.


Kerastase. Absolute chroma acid care chroma gloss - 210 ml


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